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We are building the most well coordinated, most advanced and responsive websites for multiple operating systems and web browsers. Our web development services includes design, web applications development, hosting, coding, web portal development, customization, and optimization.

We often notice that many people face various issues running a website every day. No worries, we can resolve any concerns you may find regarding your existing or new website projects.

At Gulf State Software we provide innovative, responsive, and useful web development services in a valuable way. We build well-coordinated websites that operate through multiple operating systems and web browsers. Website design, hosting, coding, customization, and optimization are combined into our web development services.

Our web development areas are discussed below at your convenience.

1. ASP.net Web Development & Web Applications Programming

Windows Web Development is separate from Linux Web Development. The Microsoft-based operating system is used on the application side. Also, development tools, devices, and systems are utilized in a similar environment.

The standard tools used for running ASP.net

  • Webserver: IIS is a Built-in Windows server.
  • Cloud server or windows hosting server, like Azure.
  • Database: Microsoft SQL or Azure database

2. WordPress Developer & Development

We perform full customization of WordPress that suits you the best.

Our WordPress areas of expertise includes:

  • Plugin: Plugin development requires programming skills, but it is less costly starting from scratch. There are numerous useful plugins already have been present in the WordPress system. We don’t need to develop such plugins which are already have been created.
  • Themes: We develop themes according to your requirements; you can also guide us with your contents, ideas, logos, images, colors, and any other requirements.
  • Hosting: we host Dedicated and VPS servers.
  • Update and upgrade: You can modify, add and improve your contents, themes, designs, add-ons, and plugins really fast and easily.
  • Database: Database development is part of the plugin development to keep records of data. We create useful new tables that can be used with the plugins.

3. E-commerce Solution For Small Business

Gulf State Software will help you gain the momentum online to make your online business profitable.

Our e-commerce solutions are:

  • Security: With other stable security measures, we will help you set up your SSL store, limit login, and tighten your security to prevent hackers from getting hold of your website.
  • Payments: We’ll help you get started and manage the payment gateway systems with PayPal, Stripe, and others.
  • Inventory Management: We can set up or integrate a well-managed inventory system into your e-commerce website that can produce reports, alerts, changes, or updates when needed.
  • SEO: Our beneficial and accessible SEO services will help you with your desired web traffics and engagement results.
  • Graphics: We can do any provided representations according to your derivative and service range.

4. Linux/LAMP based Web Development

Web development in PHP, also recognized as LAMP, Development is generally utilized in about every task. The lamp environment can be reasonable for you; if you are strict in the fund, you need more graphics at font end, previous software in the LAMP environment, or many other reasons.

How can Gulf state software help you develop LAMP?

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Content management system
  • Website with CMS
  • A fully personalized solution made exclusively for your business.
  • Monitoring and assistance
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization

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