Windows .Net Based development

We efficiently utilize ASP.NET cross platform framework for building dynamic websites, web applications and services. .NET frameworks are scalable, faster and secure.

Windows web development is different than Linux web development. In (windows) Microsoft-based technology is used on the server side, so development tools and other systems are also preferred in the same environment.

Why Windows-based web development?

Windows systems are simpler to design, maintain, and allow for more efficient development of complex code than other environments. However, Microsoft Windows mandates that all of its products be licensed. Therefore, cost feasibility must be verified. Another strategy is to only use Windows-based systems when the system demands a high level of security and dependability.

Common Tools required to run ASP.NET:

Web server: the built-in Windows Server component IIS (internet information service).

A cloud server like azure or a windows hosting server.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL. System analysts prefer the free MySQL database when software doesn’t require a larger database or a reduction in cost.

Additionally, Microsoft provides built-in services like .net Passport.

The original ASP and VB scripts were written on a notepad-type editor, but when the visual studio was released to the market, the developers become involved in real development without involving design or syntax errors. This significantly altered the market.

How All these things work together:

Web sites are launched by servers and IIS hosts, and databases hold huge or any-sized data. A database is not necessary if we don’t want to store any data. No matter what type of device they are using—Windows, MAC, Linux, or a smartphone—anyone can access the websites.

Here is some basic information:

Asp provides dynamically coded HTML to the client-side browsers. It is one of the most robust and popular scripting languages.

Microsoft Visual Studio is used as an interpreter which transforms ASP code to .NET/Web environment. After that clients can see the expected dynamic change on their browser.

 For ASP development C# or visual basic programming language is used.

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