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Hire our dedicated team of expert engineers who can quickly scale your business process to customize your Desktop, Client-Server or Mobile application software. Professional-level features for a simple price. Focus on building your product and generate revenue, not infrastructure worries.

 At Gulf State Software, we take pride in our software development services. Our team of engineers can quickly scale your business process, and customize your desktop or client-server application to meet your specific needs and budget. With their core competencies in product development, we provide high-quality products at affordable costs.

Basic types of development that you may need for your business

Desktop Application

Desktop application development is small-scale development for a single computer and a single database. It is relatively easy to develop, which helps keep the cost of development low. Desktop applications can range from full-fledged digital products to simple personal productivity tools, such as email programs, spreadsheets, and databases. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible software applications. We don’t just develop quality code, we also provide user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows. 

Client-Server Application

Client-server applications use a computer network by connecting multiple computers to a server through the Internet or some private communication mode. A client can access a single application over a private or public connection. The server provides an application that runs on its own computer, but also looks for and receives data from others. 

Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development is an opportunity to make your brand more accessible to customers with a smart, intuitive interface on the go. We bring you the best authors in order to create apps that meet your business objectives. We create mobile apps that will help you and your business grow. We develop solutions that are carefully designed and tuned towards excellence to your business objectives.

Application Development Company
Software Development

Gulf State Software uses the following Windows Environment for Application Development:

Latest Operating System (Windows 7 or newer):

We design our software to be optimized for the latest version of Windows, as we plan on using the new versions as they are released. We ensure compatibility across all of your devices. We immediately take advantage of any new updates and enhancements.

Windows or Linux Server:

We use mainly Windows and Linux-based servers for development since one of the main differences between these two operating systems is the use of NFS (Network File System) from the Linux side and CIFS (Common Internet File System) from the Windows.

Microsoft SQL or MySQL for Database:

We are an expert at taking the Core of Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Database Development for Custom and Standard Applications for our valued clients. We are specialized in multiple SQL databases, with vast experience and top experts to help you get the job done better. Whether it’s a standalone application or a customized reporting dashboard for a manufacturing company, our in-house team of developers can take any challenge head-on.

Microsoft Visual Studio for Development:

We use Microsoft Visual Studio, the development environment preferred by most developers. Visual Studio offers real-time collaboration with people who are working on projects next to you while keeping your source code safe.

App Development for multiple platforms:

We develop apps for mobile platforms like android and IOS. Mobile application development is a specialized field of technical work that deals with the creation and maintenance of mobile applications for smartphones, tablet computers, and other devices. We provide mobile app development solutions to businesses that are looking to develop their enterprise-level business systems using the latest technologies and design patterns.

.NET Framework for web functionality:

Your business will never miss a beat. Our servers run on the Microsoft .NET Framework and work with all major browsers and devices including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and more. Our web developers use the Microsoft .NET Framework to ensure compatibility and top-notch functionality on all browsers and devices.

Hire our dedicated team to scale your business

Hire our dedicated team of expert engineers who can quickly scale your business process to customize your Desktop, Client-Server, or Mobile application software.

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