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☂ Mobile printing is an essential element for maintaining inventory, door to door sales, creating shipping label or sale receipts. We built custom software for mobile printing, where you can use a mobile device and mobile printer for your requirements.

  • You can use your mobile phone and printer at same Wifi.
  • You can go to remote locations, connect your phone (mobile career network )and print using mobile app with bluetooth printer.
  • We will integrate your print output with zebra printer so you can get the flexibility of mobile printing.
  • You also can use a barcode scanner, if you need to track your process or need to track inventory.

What we can print ?

We will print as your requirements, it might be 1″x1″ label to 10″x5″ receipt


HappNow is a geographical pre-set mobile App aimed at informing and notifying the users of the happening around their current and pre-set location(s). The user chooses three (3) pre-set locations (zip codes) to be informed of the happenings around those locations. Users of HappNow mobile App are the ones to type and send information/notifications, and all users of the App within the pre-set location get the message in form of pop-up notifications. The users of HappNow don’t need to be a friend or follow somebody to get the notifications. The notifications are location based, once a user download and pre-set its location. Such information may include but not excluded to: events happening in the area, fire outbreaks, traffic, accident, armed robbery attacks, gang shootouts or an active shooter in progress.

HappNow installation:

Please install the app first,

If your app crash or having issue, please got to settings>App>Happnow>Permittion> turn on Location & camera.


Please read our : Privacy Policy.

Beta release link :

This software build for Wilenga Solutions by Gulf State Software LLC with Inventus.

APK File

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Tech Support

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Custom Ticketing and Tracking Software

  • Custom Web Development
    Specialize in Custom Ticketing and Tracking Software Application, Software Development & Web Development

Custom Ticketing

Gulf State Software Specialize in Custom ticketing System. We understand your business and system is different then others and you need custom solution.

You can open manage and maintain ticket in your own way which will develop by us.

Tracking Software

Gulf State Software Specialize in Custom Tracking System, you may track ticket, event or business and production process.

Building this system

Specialized Process
Specialized Computer Systems

We professionally use

  • Database
  • Website or Application or Software
  • User interface
  • Logic

We can build your application as your given budget or best price as possible. Please contact us for Free Estimate.

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