ASP Vs. PHP comparison


ASP and PHP are web programming language which is viewable by web browser. But host or server is different history. PHP runs on linux which is called LAMP and ASP runs on windows by IIS(Internet Information System) service.

Linux dependent

Mostly use MySQL database

Best use for small development

Tons of open source CMS

Software are free, only pay for hardware.

Can create nice graphics and easy to build websites and portal.

Windows dependent

Use MSSQL database

Best uses for large development

Some free CMS, mostly paid

Need to pay for windows server, MYSQL, Visual studio and hardware.

Mostly programming and complex development.

We also decide development process by organization size, user preference and budget. You might get more difference if you research at online. But you can have PHP with large database if you use paid system other-side most complexity might easily solved by ASP language.


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