WP keywords rank plugin


Google Keyword Rank Checker Plugin for WordPress.

Find keyword rank for your domain, this is WordPress plugin.

This plugin will search google search engine for get keyword rank using google search API.  in API 100 search is free for everyday. You can pay for more search from google or right now, they have $300 API credit.  More details

How search work ?

  • This plugin will search as regular search. It will search your given domain name at your result position.
  • This plugin will search for domain matching.
  • Every page will count 1 search. So first 10 result is one search , next 10 to 20 result is another Search.. and so on.


  1. Google API Key
  2. Google Custom search key

Click on image to download :

Please send us feedback if this plugin dosen’t work.


Screens of Plugin :

WP google keyword rank search3
Please add API key first. Please visit Google API console for Custom Search Engine API key.
WP google keyword rank search1
WP google keyword rank search2
Add Domain name and keywords. One keyword at a time.

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