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Are you thinking about custom WordPress development, then we are the WordPress Developer ready to help you. WordPress have plugin which are ready to use. So, if you need access any of those you can access and when you need special plugin which will work only as your requirements.

We do full customization for WordPress as your requirements. You might have WordPress website which need customization or you might need a site some customization in budget.


Our area of expertise at WordPress are:


[icon name=”wordpress” ] Plugin: Plugin development need programming skill but it took less cost then start form scratch. The reason is WordPress already have a lot of plugins to integrate with. Say, if you need to save and retrieve only customer name and phone for future use, then we dosen’t need to build from beginning. You can login through built in accounts and add and retrieve your data. So, we don’t need to develop user accounts/role, that’s already build.

[icon name=”wordpress” ] Themes: We develop themes as requirements, you might send us Photoshop images, colors and direct us your requirements.

[icon name=”wordpress” ] Database: Database development is part of plugin development, for keeping customer and their phone record we need to build new table which will use by plugin.

[icon name=”wordpress” ] Hosting: We host VPS and Dedicate servers.

[icon name=”wordpress” ]¬†Maintenance: As required we do maintenance with support, we setup auto backup plugin that will backup everyday. We will also give you backhand access for do change/modification your self.

[icon name=”wordpress” ] Update & Upgrade

[icon name=”wordpress” ] E-commerce : Setup or install Woo-commerce , customization, setup APIs, SSL, payment and shipping module.

[icon name=”wordpress” ] Implement Payment system using paypal or authorize.net


If you wants to get free technical review about your WordPress project please contact us for schedule meeting.