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Windows Web Development is different than Linux Web Development. In (Windows) Microsoft based technology is used in server side, so development tools and other systems are also preferred in the same environment. But it is possible to mix Linux with Windows (or Windows with Linux) and create a hybrid environment.
Web Development
Web Development using Microsoft based technology.

Why Windows based web development?

Windows system is easy to design, maintain and complex code can develop more efficiently than other environments. But Microsoft-windows needs all their products to be licensed. Hence, cost feasibility has to be checked. Another approach is to go for Windows based system only when the system requires high security and reliability.

Common tools use for running

⛧Web Server: IIS (Internet information service), which is build in Windows Server.

⛧Windows Hosting Server or cloud server, like Azure.

⛧Database: ‘Microsoft SQL’, MySQL, Oracle. When Software doesn’t need more database or a reduction in cost system analyzer prefers MySQL database, which is free.

⛧Microsoft also offer other built in service like .NET passport.

⛧Classic ASP and VB script used to be written on NotePad type editor but when Visual Studio came in market, developers got involved in real development without involving in design or syntax error. This made a big difference in the market. Development in Visual Studio Development in Visual Studio

How Stuff Works: Server and IIS host launch the web sites, Database stores large or any sized data. If it’s only website without big data then a Database isn’t required. Anyone from any platform(Windows, MAC, Linux or phone) can access the websites, it doesn’t matter which phone or computer they are using.

Here are some basic information:

ASP is Active server page which serve coded HTML to client browser. In programming world ASP is script language for website.

Microsoft Visual Studio is interpreter (Debugger) which compiles ASP coding to .Net/Web environment so it can run on clients website.

C# or Visual Basic is programming language used for ASP coding.

Cons: System need to upgrade in 5-10 years.

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Gulf State Software Web Development, Software Development or Application Development Cost
: We are providing discount price for your first project. Mostly all project development need flowing process :

  • ☆ Analysis
  • ☆ Database and Project Design
  • ☆ Coding
  • ☆ Testing
  • ☆ QA
  • ☆ Feedback & Supportgulf-state-software_calc

Minimum two or multiple professionals need for complete a project. Our current price is $65/hour. We calculate full project price when you will give us requirements.

Our price starts from $249 for website and $999 for developments.

Another way of our cost calculation is: you give us your budget. Then we will analyze project and cost.