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Web Development in PHP also known as LAMP (Linux. Apache, MySQL and PHP) development. Which is widely used almost for every purpose. LAMP environment might good for you, if you tight in budget, need more graphics at font end, previous software build on LAMP or many other reasons.

Web Development


Why Web Development:

You might see everything is ready for you. What your business needs is easy to get. But the reasons to do custom development are:

  • Organization branding :  Example; The A-Z company flow their own stranded. They do and build there own system. All business are different than other so different system need different development.
  • To help clients buy reducing operating cost by using customize system.

Why Web Development in PHP (Linux):

  • Some people don’t like monopoly market and they like to use different environment.
  • It’s free, requires less cost than other environment. You can get Low price hosting server  which is ready to go.
  • Can create good graphics interface.
  • CMS like Joomla, WordPress are ready to use with millions of apps and plugin.
cpanel Web Developemnt
A cPanel environment for Linux Web Development


A Hosting server starts from $2/Month. You may have your own VPS, Dedicate or cloud server.

Operation system:  Linux is core, with distribution of Centos, Red-hat or something else as you or your developer want.

Apache : Apache is web server like IIS. Its served www environment by port 80 or 443.

Mysql: Database.Example: store Username,password and email address.

PHP: Apache can read HTML code but to create more than TEXT interface (like database query) need to do code in server, which is also known as server side scripting.


Update, Security and support.

How Gulf state software can help you by LAMP Web Development:

  • eCommerce Solution
  • Content Management System
  • Website with CMS
  • Fully customize system which is only build for you.
  • Monitor and Support
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization

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