Mobile App with Printing Solutions

☂ Mobile printing is an essential element for maintaining inventory, door to door sales, creating shipping label or sale receipts. We built custom software for mobile printing, where you can use a mobile device and mobile printer for your requirements.

  • You can use your mobile phone and printer at same Wifi.
  • You can go to remote locations, connect your phone (mobile career network )and print using mobile app with bluetooth printer.
  • We will integrate your print output with zebra printer so you can get the flexibility of mobile printing.
  • You also can use a barcode scanner, if you need to track your process or need to track inventory.

What we can print ?

We will print as your requirements, it might be 1″x1″ label to 10″x5″ receipt

Mobile App Development Houston TX

  • Mobile App Development-Houston

Mobile App Development in Houston

We are creating various types of innovative and state of the art mobile applications so that, your business can grow. Our team of expert professional mobile application developers are building useful apps so that your business can generate more sales through expanded market coverage and enhanced customer experience. After thorough and careful analysis of your business process and your needs, we build mobile applications that will help you reduce the cost to serve, reduce marketing cost, deliver products or services faster and get feedback. 

Mobile Application development processes are:

  • Recognize client’s needs
  • Mobile device type
  • Estimate price
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Release

Our areas of expertise:

Android App Development
iPhone App Development
Mobile Website

Android App Development

Android is the most popular mobile operating system.  Our team of app developers consists of experienced and innovative programmers and designers who are highly skilled in building complex, secure and user-friendly mobile applications.

iPhone App Development

We build iPhone apps that meet your specifications and attract more end users. When we create a mobile application, we focus on user-friendly design, the best user experience and leading-edge functionality for app development. Out development team works closely together to deliver the most innovative finished product.

Mobile Website

We build mobile-friendly websites that work well with all mobile browsers. Using a mobile browser you can do your account authentication, data entry, input form, reporting, upload, download or other particular operations.

Our areas of development:

E-commerce apps
✓ iOS finance and banking apps
✓ Scanner apps
✓ GPS apps
✓ Video and social media apps
✓ Location-based apps
✓ Social enterprise apps
✓ Quality assurance and testing
✓ Support and maintenance
✓ Your own custom app

For more information or free consultancy, Please contact us with your requirements.