Application Software Development

Application Software Development

Application Software Development

Here in Gulf State Software, we develop fully Customize Application Software for Business needs.
Windows  Desktop Development is most important part of computer programming. Gulf State Software develop desktop software by using Visual Basic(VB), C sharp(C#) code with SQL database.

Here are 3 Basic type of development:

  •  Desktop development is small development for single computer with single database. Its relevantly easy to develop and less time consuming.
  •  Client-server : Applications will run with more then one computer. Every computer connected with server using network, server will provide data and other Computers will have business application.
  • Mobile App Development: We do Android, Iphone and Windows mobile app development. Every device need to develop saperatly.
Application Software Development
Application Software Development

Gulf State Software use windows environment for Application Development. Like :

  • Operating system is Windows 7 or newer
  • Server is Windows server or Linux
  • Microsoft SQL or Mysql for Database
  • Net. form framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio for development
  • And Diffrent Mobile for app development


Windows Application Development is common system for business environment. You can find Accounting software, Process software, machine integration software and many more build in this environment.

To know about our Web development please read :

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Software Development in Houston TX

  • Software Development Houston
    Software Development Houston

Software Development in Houston

Software Development in Houston: Gulf Staet Software do most  of Web & Software Development with support. Windows® and Desktop Development is most common computer programming. We  develop windows/desktop software by using Visual Basic(VB) and/or C sharp(C#) code with Access and/or MS SQL database.

Types of development  :

  • Windows® Development : For develop a Software we mostly do windows® development (also known as Application Software Development). It’s on Microsoft windows® environment. If you need multiple users then you might need servers and database for batter performance.
  • Windows® web based application, secure system design to solve complex and almost all solution.
  • PHP: Linux web based open source system is used for mostly graphics and web development.
  • JAVA: Secure System, based on Sun Solaris and Oracle. Large financial institute and other business choose this system. Java can run all kind operating system.
  • Mobile Apps : Apple, Android and Windows phone based mobile apps development.
  • Database : MySql and MSSQL is our databases development area.
  • Language: VB and C# widely used for software development.
  • Support: Provide after sales support and/or continuous development.

Among with other software development companies in Houston area we provide competitive price, faster service and support. So, if you didn’t decide your customize software development company yet then contact us for a worry-free consultation.

Software Development in Houston

Business Type: Small to corporate label development.
System: Windows and Linux based system.
Software Development in Houston
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Web Development in Houston

Systems:Linux and widows development
System: PHP and ASP based systems.

Mobile Apps Development in Houston

Systems: Iphone, Android and Windows development.

SEO Company in Houston

Business : Small to large and local SEO.

Support for Houston

After Software or Web Development, we will provide full support. If your software or website already in service but you need only technical support we can help you. If you need emergency technical support in Houston or grater Houston area we are ready to provide our service in minimum time.


Software Development
Software Development using MS Visual Studio

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