Software Development Process (SDLC)

We follow SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for development. Small software need 3 basic steps and midsize company needs all 6 steps to complete, maintenance isn’t in development process.

SDLC Step 1


Step 1 : Analysis, Requirement gathering and budgeting

Project planning and define is in this steps, after short analysis we can determine budget.



SDLC Step 2


Step 2: Design, coding, integration

Software and database design, coding and integration is implement in this mid phase. Software is build in this stage. Implement with operating system and integrated with old system if there is any old system.



SDLC Step 3

Step 3: Implementation

Server or website setup and end user tanning. You may or may not need to provide hardware. If its web software and internet then we need outside web server but if it is in house or internet then we might need to configure hardware service.



SDLC Step 4


After deliver your software or application there is final and long term step that called support and maintenance. Small application and small web development projects doesn’t need maintenance but large and complex project needs support and maintenance. When you need support and maintenance we will provide service.



For completed a project minimum time is 4 weeks and there is no maximum time, we starts our project based on available slot.