Problem with connecting Microsoft azure vm MSSql from remote location

I was getting connection inside the VM using MSSQL Server, but not from outside. After reading some comments, I found that I needed to add a specific port for outgoing traffic and added that port at Azure firewall:

Here are the steps to check is it working for you or not:

  1. Start Sql Server configuration Manager
  2. Click on your Server name
  3. Click SQL Server network config
  4. Click on protocols
  5. Click on TCP/IP
  6. At the end of tcp/IP range set your port, I set 1433.
  7. Please restart SQL Database.

Now open port at Azure management portal. And connect through SQL tools or other services.

And also remember to open windows firewall.

rank checker old

Free google keyword rank checker. Insert your domain name and keyword, you will find your rank if you are at top 10 pages. If you found your rank is 26 , that mean you are at page 2.

Find your google keyword rank

Put only domain name (
Put keyword (my keyword)

”) {
$_SESSION[‘domain’] = $_POST[‘domain’];
$_SESSION[‘keyword’] = $_POST[‘keyword’];

function main (){

$domain = $_SESSION[‘domain’];
$key = $_SESSION[‘keyword’];

session_destroy ();

$upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
$dir = $upload_dir[‘basedir’].”/seo/”;
if (!file_exists($dir)) {
mkdir($dir, 0777, true);

$dir = $dir.”$ip”;
// echo $dir;

if (!file_exists(“$dir”)) {
$file = fopen(“$dir”,”w”);
echo fwrite($file,”1″);
deleteOldFile($dir); // Delete files older then today
$homepage = file_get_contents($dir);

if ($homepage == 11 ) {
echo ”

Sorry, 10 search per day

$position = position($domain,$key,10);
echo ”
position $position”;
if ($positio > 200) echo ”
Keyword not found in first 10 pages Keyword : $key Domain : $domain
else echo ”
Keyword : $key
Domain : $domain
Rank : $position
echo ”

Search limit 10 , Currently searching $homepage

file_put_contents($dir, $homepage);



function position($site,$search_query,$end){
$search_query = str_replace(‘ ‘, ‘%20’, $search_query );
$end = $end * 10;
$key = “AIzaSyA-dg-22b1jqzkfSPENomEXgQrgSLCe3sE”;

for ($start=1;$start=>$end; $start=$start+10){ $count=$start+10; $amazon_url= “”.$key.”&cx=”.$cx.”=json&start=”.$start.”&count=”.$count.”&q=”.$search_query; $amazon_url = str_replace(‘ ‘, ”, $amazon_url); //echo $amazon_url; $google_search = file_get_contents($amazon_url) ;//or die(print_r(error_get_last())); $jsonstore = json_decode($google_search,true); foreach ($jsonstore[‘items’] as $address){ sleep(.01); if (strpos($address[‘displayLink’], $site) > 0)
$search_query = str_replace(‘%20′,’ ‘, $search_query );
//echo ”
“. $search_query .” rank is “. $rank;
return $rank;

//echo “items $rank:” . $address[‘displayLink’] .”

return 9999;

function deleteOldFile($file) {
$mdate = date(“Ymd”, filemtime($file));
$date = date(“Ymd”);
if ($mdate = $date) { unlink($file); } } ?>

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