Best SEO Company for Small Business


Best SEO Company for Small Business: Gulf State Software contribute proven SEO service for small business. Form setup a website to conform lead management. Our SEO plans are 2 parts: one is “Top Ranker SEO” and another one is “Number One“. We assume most of people don’t did need to go “Top Ranker” plan, but if the competition market is big and strong then we need to go for “Number One”.

How SEO will work ?

If your website is not at first page in search engine we will use our maximum effort for make you excellent. SEO is complicated process and you will start to get result within a week. Google and other search engine often change their search and index algorithm, so we also change our strategy. Mostly, we tell our customer about what we are doing. We need to watch and change our SEO techniques everyday.

Benefits of SEO:

Business needs marketing. If you need to market online, you need to pay search engines to bring customer to your websites. Our SEO will bring your website at best position at organic search results, so you can reduce your marketing cost by 50-90% and get more visitors. It also can affect your sales price.

Pricing: We mostly do manual and semi automated service. Our jobs required human skills, so we can’t offer free service. Please contact us for free estimate.

Competitor: Most top ranked pages are using SEO service for getting to a better position. If you don’t start SEO then you will lose your business index.

SEO Service
SEO : Report after service

Move: If you move from other SEO or hosting company you are welcome to browse through our website as  we have moving service for your web stuff.

Report: We will send website progress report every month. You will know keywords rank and other status through our report.


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