SEO Tips for Small Business and Beginners

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SEO Tips for Small Business and Beginners: Our SEO tips will change your business small to large business or beginner to experts everyone will get something to learn.

Create and publish a web site is easy. But ranking at online to get google you must need to do SEO (Search engine optimization) , SEO have unlimited rules and it’s always change. Here is some SEO rules you always need to check before published your website:

  1. Page Title : Search engine always check your page title and mostly pick same title. Example if you search for : how to build a treehouse without a tree? You will get same synonyms as mach as possible.
  2. Links: Same factor as title: same or similar words search in article or web page.
  3. Content: Your body of article must be reflect of page Tittle. Must be relevant. You must need to talk about tree, build and house.
  4. Description: Most of time search engine shows deception or first paragraph of pages.
    1. Must use <h1> , <h2> tag, all search engine read this tags. Use this once.
    2. Contain must not very small
    3. try to use SEO keywords frequently.
    4. Use some Image.
    5. Through links to your other page.
    6. Update your content now and then.
Seo Image
#1 seo example
  1. Image: You have to put images with proper meta tag :
    1. Image Title
    2. Caption
    3. Alt
    4. Description
    5. Image file name (eg.Build_tree_house_wothout_tree_1.png)
    6. Image must be optimize, you will find free image optimization software in online. or You also can do it online.
  2. A optional introduction video which can briefly tell your business history.
  3. A Home page Image slider with good meta tags.
  4. Location : Who are the people going to read it? If you don’t have target customer then don’t tell anything or you can tell. in California, in Manhattan in NYC and so on.
  5. Must open bing and google webmaster account and submit your website.
  6. Create sitemap , submit to bing and google
  7. Put robots.txt file.
  8. If it’s business , list in Google and bing map.
  9. Now how much you will speed? Maybe nothing. But if yes, dollar a day is good. Start to pay google, Bing ads and then FB.
  10. Links:
    1. Good links are costly. You will get some people professionally do link building. Search eBay, you will get what you want.
    2. Do Keywords link.
  11. Create Social account for this website : FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and update them when you update your web site.
  12. If it is your business, you might open Blog site. For example :
  13. Try to use SSL which is good.
  14. Avoid high traffic web server.
  15. Check your website by 3rd party
    1. Please check your pagespeed by insite :
      1. Optimize your pagespeed by using faster server, Minify Javascript and CSS.
    2. Please check your pagespeed by GTmetrix :
    3. Please check your pagespeed by Dotcom-monitor :
  16. Check your rank in
  17. Must have Contact us page.
  18. Must have product-service page.

And we might have more options to do like, domain choice. Website age. How long you are in business and your popularity. If you combine everything it’s a big job. This is the reason you might need SEO experts to do this. You might get 10 links form friends and family but SEO firms can set 1000 links for you, which might so cheaper for them. But I also found some SEO company who didn’t did good job but still in market because they already make customers in there account.

Hope you will search and search google SEO techniques some more days and get your right destination.

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